Bactiguard in brief

We save lives!

Bactiguard is a Swedish medtech company with the mission of reducing
the risk of infections and saving lives. To achieve this mission, we
develop and supply effective and safe solutions for infection prevention.

Our technology prevents bacterial adhesion and biofilm formation on medical devices. We offer this technology through license agreements and our own BIP (Bactiguard Infection Protection) product portfolio. Urinary catheters with Bactiguard’s coating are market leading in the USA and Japan through our license partner BD.

Our own product portfolio of urinary catheters, endotracheal tubes and central venous catheters prevents common infections in the urinary tract, the bloodstream and the respiratory tract.

In February 2020 we acquired the Malaysian medical device company Vigilenz with a portfolio of products that comprise surgical sutures, mesh, wound wash, dressings and orthopaedic trauma implants. This acquisition boosts our position in infection prevention and wound care, and gives us greater innovation and product development capacity and expertise.

Our technology plays an important role in reducing the risk of healthcare associated infections (HAIs). This technology has been tested in more than 40 clinical studies including 100,000 patients. It is effective, safe and can be used over a long period of time in the body.

HAIs are infections that patients acquire during hospital care or when seeking other kinds of healthcare. It is currently the third most common cause of death in high income countries. Our technology significantly reduces the risk of HAIs as it lowers the risk of infections by 35-90%.

HAIs result in antibiotics being prescribed, which increases the risk of antibiotic resistance. The World Health Organization, WHO, has stated that antibiotic resistance is a global crisis that must be tackled urgently and that infection prevention is crucial to this work. This is why our mission and technology are so important in saving lives.