License collaborations

We license our technology to medical device companies throughout the world that apply our technology to their own products and sell them under their own brand.

The Bactiguard technology can be applied to many different applications and product areas where there is a need for infection prevention and tissue-friendly properties.


The noble metal alloy coating that constitutes the Bactiguard technology, can be applied to most materials used for medical devices. The coating is applied to the surface by a patented wet chemical process that ensures uniformity and firm bonding to medical devices regardless of the type of product.

The coating is very thin and therefore not visible to the naked eye. Neither does it affect the product’s other properties such as thickness, appearance or stiffness.

We are continually evaluating new license partnerships where our technology could be of benefit to patients and thus increase the value of the underlying product.


The production process is adaptable for new applications and can easily be scaled up. New materials are always tested since every material has a unique surface composition. Bactiguard has successfully applied the coating to various types of titanium, stainless steel, latex, silicone, polymers, ceramics and non-woven materials. Process validation is based on well-defined steps to enable repetition and reproducibility.

Standard product procedures

There are no specific packaging requirements for Bactiguard coated products, which can be sterilized using standardized methods. Nor are there any specific requirements for handling procedures or waste management.

A selection of our license partners

Zimmer Biomet, USA

In September 2019 we signed a global license agreement for orthopaedic trauma implants with the US company Zimmer Biomet. Zimmer Biomet is one of the world’s largest orthopaedic companies. This license agreement entitles Zimmer Biomet to use our technology to coat and sell orthopaedic trauma implants globally and can be expanded to include other applications.

Well Lead Medical, China

Well Lead is today China’s largest and one of the world’s leading manufacturers of medical devices such as urinary catheters and endotracheal tubes. Since 2018 they have the exclusive right to sell and distribute Bactiguard’s urinary catheters (BIP Foley) in China. Well Lead has completed the preparatory work to register our entire portfolio of products in China, which means that in a few years’ time they will manufacture and sell all products in the Bactiguard portfolio in the Chinese market.


Since 1995, Bactiguard has been a successful licensing partner with the global medical device company CR Bard, now BD (Becton Dickinson). BD acquired CR Bard in 2017 to become stronger within the area of infection prevention. BD markets Bactiguard coated urinary catheters under the brands Bardex IC and Lubrisil IC in the United States, Japan, UK, Ireland, Canada and Australia.

On-going license businesses

LicenseeStart yearGeographic marketProducts
Beston, Dickinson and Company (BD)1995Exclusive agreement for the USA, Japan, UK and Ireland. Non-exclusive agreement for Canada, Australia, Israel, OmanUrinary catheter Bardex IC and Lubrisil IC
Vigilenz Medical Devices2015South-East AsiaOrthopaedic trauma implants
Smartwise Sweden2018SwedenAdvanced vascular injection catheters
Well Lead Medical2018ChinaWell Lead Medical is currently at the approval process stage to enable it to sell our entire product portfolio of catheters and tubes
Zimmer Biomet2019Global agreement excluding South-East AsiaOrthopaedic trauma implants