Purpose and Vision

To champion a healthier world by preventing infections.

What we do

Develop safe, cost-effective, biocompatible and user-friendly technology and solutions for infection prevention to the healthcare sector.
Operate through license partnerships and own product portfolio.
Create shareholder value through long-term growth and societal value by preventing infections and addressing antimicrobial resistance.

How we do it

Purpose and values driven organization
Proven technology and know-how
Clinical evidence and regulatory approvals
Global reach and local presence

  • license partnerships with global leading medtech companies
  • sales forces in Nordics, India, Malaysia, and a distributor network
  • production in Sweden and Malaysia

What impact we have

Decrease patient suffering and save lives
Unburden healthcare resources (money and time)
Protect against bacteria, virus and fungi and fight antimicrobial resistance
Coating technology enables license partners to differentiate their products – increasing value, bigger impact and further patient reach

Our core values

Everything we do in our daily operations is guided by:

  • Teamwork
  • Innovation
  • Courage
  • Accountability
  • Transparency

The core values will support us in successfully delivering on our vision to keeping people safe from infections.