Executive Management Corporate Governance

Thomas von Koch
interim CEO

Elected to the Board 2019

Born: 1966

Education: BSc Business and Economics, Stockholm School of Economics.

Background: Co-founder of Bactiguard and Chairman of the Board 2005-2013. CEO of EQT.

Other assignments: Deputy Managing Partner in EQT Partners AB, EQT Partners AB, Board member Kochcompany AB and TomEnterprise AB.

Shareholdings: 2,000,000 A-shares, 4,604,182 B-shares and 1,142,436 B-shares via a capital insurance with a company, controlled by Thomas von Koch, as beneficiary

Stefan Grass
Chief Medical Officer / Deputy CEO

Employed 2019

Born: 1972

Education: MD PhD at Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm

Background: Specialist in anaesthesia and intensive care, Karolinska University Hospital. Medical officer, CSL Behring

Other assignments:

Shareholdings: 9,850 B shares as personal holdings and 28 818 call options

Carin Jakobson

Employed 2022

Born: 1974

Education: MSc in Economics Linnaeus University

Background: CFO positions at, among others, Stille, Sivers IMA and Rolling Optics

Other assignments:

Shareholdings: 144 092 call options

Carl Johan Fredin
Chief Licensing Officer

Employed 2021

Born: 1966

Education: MBA University of Stockholm

Background: Global Marketing Director Mölnlycke Health Care, Country Director Doro Care, Head of Sales and Marketing Mundipharma, Country Director Doro Care, Sales and Marketing Director Aleris, VD Orthocenter Göteborg/Malmö

Other assignments:

Shareholdings: 144 092 call options

Sathish Subramaniam
Chief Technology Officer

Employed 2013

Born: 1979

Education: BSc (Chemistry), University of Malaya & Master of Business Administration, Cardiff Metropolitan University, United Kingdom.

Background: Different managerial positions within Teleflex Medical and C.R. Bard.

Other assignments: Board member of Vigilenz Medical Devices Sdn Bhd and Vigilenz Medical Supplies Sdn Bhd.

Shareholdings: 144 092 call options

Peter Rådqvist
Global Head of Sales

Employed 2021

Born: 1967

Education: Bachelor’s degree in marketing, IHM Gothenburg

Background: Various Sales Manager positions within MedTech companies such as Straumann group, Biomet 3i (now part of Zimmer Biomet) and Dentsply.

Other assignments:

Shareholdings: 3,100 B shares as personal holdings and 144 092 call options

Fatima Stensvad Flodin
Chief Quality and Regulatory Officer

Employed 2021

Born: 1968

Education: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology – Bachelor degree

Background: Long experience from different managerial positions and consultancies within “Life Science”

Other assignments: –

Shareholdings: 14,409 call options

Mikael Sander
Global Head of BPP

Employed: 2023

Born: 1959

Education: Bachelor’s degree in Business & Economics, University of Gothenburg and MBA, University of Lund, Sweden

Background: Experience from the global medtech industry, most recently from Dentsply Sirona where he was responsible for Dentsply’s global digital implants business, including the acquisition of Atlantis Inc., with global commercial and business responsibility for Europe, North American and Asia, VP Sales, General Manager in Boston, US and VP of Business Development based in Mölndal, Sweden. In addition, he has prior experience from both commercial and management roles in operations, finance and business development at Astra Zeneca and Astra Tech.

Other assignments: Board member Corticalis AS, Mevia AB o Cerinvent AB

Shareholdings: 10 868 B-shares as a personal holding and 144 092 call options