Financial goals & growth strategy

Bactiguard’s long-term financial targets are to create value and generate good returns for the shareholders.

Bactiguard’s long-term financial targets are to achieve:

Sales growth
Annual revenues of at least 1 billion SEK in 2026

Annual EBITDA of at least 400 million SEK in 2026

Growth strategy

Our unique technology for infection prevention, scalable business model, broader product portfolio and focused market coverage are all important parts of our growth strategy.

We will focus on six therapeutic areas and prioritized countries and grow sales through new license agreements, an extended BIP portfolio and strategic add-on acquisitions. The therapeutic areas in focus are Orthopaedics, Critical Care, Urology, Nephrology, Dental and Wound management.

Bactiguard will continue to expand its operations by strengthening its sales and marketing organization, developing its product portfolio and entering into new licensing agreements in prioritized therapy areas.

The long-term financial targets should not be perceived as a forecast, but rather as an ambition which the board and management consider to be reasonable long-term expectations on the company.