A large randomized clinical trial shows significant reduction in urinary tract infections

A recently published, randomized, controlled multicenter study in India shows that urinary catheters with Bactiguard’s coating for infection prevention reduce the risk of catheter-associated urinary tract infections (CAUTI) by 69 % compared to standard catheters.

“We are very proud to be able to present such fine results from the largest randomized, controlled study done so far on Bactiguard’s urinary catheters. Nearly 70 percent reduction is an effectiveness that many pharmaceuticals won’t even come close to. In addition to showing a major general reduction in the risk of infection, the study provides new information on how effective our technology is in an environment where infections caused by multi-resistant bacteria is a major problem, “says Stefan Grass, Chief Medical Officer at Bactiguard.

The study has just been published in the internationally renowned scientific journal “Antimicrobial resistance and infection control”1. A total of 1,000 patients were randomly assigned to a standard catheter or a urinary catheter with Bactiguard’s coating for infection prevention. The group that received the Bactiguard catheter had a 69% lower risk of developing catheter-associated urinary tract infections (CAUTI) during the treatment period. In addition, no side effects related to Bactiguard’s technology were reported.

Catheter-related urinary tract infection is the most common healthcare-associated infection and often caused by indwelling urinary catheters. The infections can lead to serious complications that cause great suffering to the patient, higher mortality and increased healthcare costs. Urinary catheters with Bactiguard’s unique coating have a well-documented ability to reduce symptomatic urinary tract infections.

Link to the study: https://rdcu.be/cgCEH

For further information, please contact:

Stefan Grass, Chief Medical Officer and deputy CEO, mobile +46 70 725 24 48

1. Kai-Larsen, Y., Grass, S., Mody, B. et al. Foley catheter with noble metal alloy coating for preventing catheter-associated urinary tract infections: a large, multi-center clinical trial. Antimicrob Resist Infect Control 10, 40 (2021). Publisher: Springer Nature. https://rdcu.be/cgCEH