Aniocyn, now available in stores in the Nordic region

Aniocyn, Bactiguard’s wound care product for pets, is now available at Arken Zoo, Vetzoo and in Musti Group’s other stores in Sweden, Norway and Finland. The product cleans and supports the natural wound healing by eliminating both bacteria, viruses and fungi, without irritating or stinging.

Musti Group reaches customers via the retail chains Musti and Mirri, Musti, Arken Zoo and Djurmagazinet as well as through the pure e-commerce channels Peten Koiratavirke and Vetzoo. Aniocyn is sold in more than 300 physical e-commerce stores in the region.

“We have an exciting autumn ahead of us together with Musti Group, the leading chain for pet products in the Nordic region. Being able to offer quality products for infection prevention and wound care for our pets, is something we are very much looking forward to”, says Andreas Wallgren, General Manager Nordic at Bactiguard.

About Aniocyn
Aniocyn is a water-based solution for pets, intended to clean and support the natural healing of various types of wounds such as bites, lacerations, cuts and burns. Aniocyn reduces the risk of infection by eliminating bacteria, viruses and fungi without irritating the skin or stinging. The product contains no alcohol or preservatives and is safe in case of wound licking. Aniocyn can be used around sensitive areas such as eyes, mouth, nose and ears. It also reduces fetid wound odour.

For more information:
Andreas Wallgren, General Manager Nordic, mobile +46 70 637 97 49