Bactiguard supports Ukrainian hospitals with products for intensive care

The hospitals in Ukraine are in urgent need of medical devices to manage the health care challenges related to the outbreak of war. Through a network of doctors at the Karolinska University hospital, supported by the Ukrainian Embassy, Bactiguard is providing intensive care products that Ukrainian healthcare has asked for and need.

“It is essential that we can provide products that are urgently needed by the Ukrainian hospitals and can make a real difference, says Bactiguard’s Chief Medical Officer and Deputy CEO, Dr Stefan Grass.

There are lists of products and equipment that the hospitals in Ukraine need, and there is a shortage of products included in Bactiguard’s portfolio for intensive care. Today, through a cooperation with the network of doctors and the Ukrainian Embassy, Bactiguard is sending a sizeable donation of central venous catheters and endotracheal tubes that will be transported to Ukraine.

“CVCs and ETTs are specifically used in surgery and intensive care. In this situation, in a country at war, one might assume there will be injured people in need of surgery or intensive care”, says Dr Stefan Grass, who has previously worked in intensive care.

“If these products are not available in an intensive care unit, you cannot perform advanced intensive care. Endotracheal tubes are vital, as if you cannot secure the patient’s airways, you might not even be able to perform the surgery”, Dr Stefan Grass adds.

The network of doctors at the Karolinska University Hospital receive information about what the Ukrainian healthcare needs and they have created a supply chain from Stockholm to Ukraine through Poland. The donation by Bactiguard consists of 1 500 ETTs and 750 CVCs and can be increased in case of further need.

About BIP Endotracheal Tube (BIP ETT)

BIP ETT is an endotracheal tube with Bactiguard’s infection prevention technology. The technology is based on a thin noble metal alloy coating, firmly attached to the tube surface. When in contact with fluids, the noble metals create a galvanic effect which reduces microbial adhesion. This means that fewer bacteria adhere to the tube surface, which reduces the risk of biofilm formation leading to infection. Read more >>>

About BIP Central Venous Catheter (BIP CVC)

BIP CVC is a central venous catheter with the Bactiguard’s infection prevention technology, used for administration of drugs and intravenous solutions, sample blood and for blood pressure monitoring. Fewer bacteria adhere to the surface of the Bactiguard coated CVC which reduces the risk of biofilm formation leading to infection. Read more >>>

For more information, please contact:

Stefan Grass, Chief Medical Officer and Deputy CEO, mobile +46 70 725 24 48