Bactiguard wins tender for Stockholm

Bactiguard has won a tender for urinary catheters for the Stockholm county council, which enables healthcare providers in both primary and secondary care to purchase Bactiguards’ anti-infective urinary catheters. The contract is valid for 2 years and can be extended for another 2 years.

“The Stockholm county council is Sweden’s largest region and this is the largest tender for urinary catheters in the country. Several other regions have already included our products in their tenders, and the fact that Stockholm now also has taken this decision is an important milestone and acknowledgement of our work in Sweden” says Nina Nilsson, SVP Sales and Marketing at Bactiguard.

“It is also positive that the tender covers both primary and secondary care, as many long-term catheterized patients move between the two. This way, patients who have received Bactiguard catheters at the hospital, can continue using them after they have been discharged.”

The contract runs for two years from 6 November, 2017 and comprises BIP Foley Catheter in latex, BIP Foley Catheter Silicone and BIP Foley Tiemann.

In accordance with Swedish tender law, the Stockholm county council will execute the formal contract once the appeal period has expired, on 29 May 2017.