Bactiguard’s infection control portfolio to Malaysia

Swedish medtech company Bactiguard has signed Acucare Systems in Malaysia to represent the company in the Malaysian market. Acucare Systems will now be introducing Bactiguard’s complete portfolio for infection control, including urinary, intravenous and respiratory catheters.

A few months ago Bactiguard proudly announced that they signed distributors in Poland, Romania, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Slovenia. Bactiguard is with Malaysia now present in over 35 countries worldwide.

Johan Rugfelt, Senior Vice President of Bactiguard: “As in all parts of the world, Healthcare Acquired Infections (HAI) is a problem also in Malaysian hospitals. With our unique solution, the Bactiguard coating, we will be able to reduce HAI’s in Malaysia, thereby reducing the use of antibiotics, improve patient safety and save money. We are very much looking forward to working with Acucare systems and together we will not only save money, we will also save lives in Malaysia”.

The Bactiguard® coating has been applied to urinary catheters in the U.S. since 1995. Over 125 million Bactiguard coated catheters have been used in clinical practice all over the world. The Bactiguard technology consists of an extremely thin noble metal coating which reduces bacterial adhesion and is biocompatible.


The company Bactiguard has the vision of becoming the world leader in reducing all device related health care associated infections. Through innovative technology and techniques, we are providing a clinically proven, practical and cost effective solution. The proof of Bactiguard® – over 100.000 patients in clinical studies, 125 million end users.

Founded in 1995, Acucare Systems (M) Sdn Bhd has gone from strength to strength. We are backed by a professional team with strong technical and management backgrounds in the marketing and distribution of medical and healthcare systems and equipment.
Through our active and well-trained professional sales and customer support team, our vision is to be a world class performer and the Malaysian leader in the healthcare industry and as such recognized by our customers through Excellence, Professionalism, Dedication and Determination.

Press contact:
Linda Nyberg, Vice President International Affairs
Tel: +46 8 440 58 64