Bactiguard’s urinary catheters approved for reimbursement in the Dutch market

Bactiguard’s indwelling urinary catheters (Foleys) are now approved for reimbursement in the Netherlands, which means that healthcare providers in the home care market can provide patients with Bactiguard’s products for infection prevention and improve their quality of life.

To be able to sell medical devices to the Dutch home care providers in a broader scale, the products must be reimbursed. Bactiguard’s Foleys are now included, which means that our partner in the Netherlands, Mediplast, can start to offer the products to a larger group of patients.

“The homecare market offers the biggest market potential for Foley catheters in the Netherlands. Now that our products are reimbursed, we will increase the pace of expansion in the country”, says Jonas Östregård, SVP Sales & Marketing at Bactiguard.

“I am so pleased to be able to offer Bactiguard’s infection preventive products to Dutch home care patients and thereby reduce the risk of hospital acquired infections and improve their quality of life. Now that the products are reimbursed, we can approach the homecare companies with a cost-effective solution for long term catheterized patients, which wasn’t possible before,” says Wil Graus, Sales and Managing Director at Mediplast Benelux.

Bactiguard and Mediplast have been partners since October 2018. The original agreement covered sales and distribution of Bactiguard’s product portfolio for infection prevention (BIP) in Scandinavia. Already in December the same year, the partnership was extended to include Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.

Bactiguard’s infection protection (BIP) solutions, which include products for the urinary tract, blood stream and respiratory tract, reduce the risk of healthcare associated infections, the use of antibiotics and thus the spread of multi-resistant bacteria. 

For further information, please contact:
Jonas Östregård, SVP Sales & Marketing cell phone: +46 70 521 13 88