Extended Malaysian wound care tender

Bactiguard’s tender award for wound care products for the public sector in Malaysia has been extended by another year and the volume has increased. This enables healthcare providers in both primary and secondary care to purchase Bactiguard’s Wound Care system for infection prevention.

“The public sector in Malaysia has consumed almost half a million bottles of our wound care products during the past five years with very positive outcome. Therefore, the Ministry of Health has extended the contract by another year with and increased the volume by 20 precent, which clearly shows that it adds value for patients and clinicians”, says Peter Rådqvist, Global Head of Sales at Bactiguard.

“My experience with the Bactiguard wound care solution has been very good. At the University Medical Center (UKM) in Kuala Lumpur, we have used the solution for intra operative irrigation of open fractures and as a disinfectant for infected wounds and joints, as well as part of our general wound management practice”, states Dr Badrul Akmal Hisham, Consultant Orthopedic and Arthroscopy & Sports Surgeon at UKM Medical Center, Kuala Lumpur.

“I strongly recommend Bactiguard’s Wound Care solution as the ultimate antiseptic, as it is non-toxic to human cells and at the same time very effective as a bactericidal, virucidal, fungicidal and sporicidal”, Dr Badrul Akmal Hisham concludes.

About Bactiguard Wound Care

Bactiguard Wound Care is a biocompatible, pH-neutral and water-based product line that supports the natural wound healing and cleans the wound by reducing the microbial load. The products can be used for both acute and chronical wounds.

Bactiguard Wound Care contains hypochlorous acid, the same substance as the body’s immune cells use in their defence against infectious organisms. The products neither smell strongly or sting, but effectively kills most viruses, bacteria and fungi that cause infections. They have no negative effect on human cells, which means that they are not irritating to the body.

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