New clinical studies show that Bactiguard-coated catheters reduce hospital acquired infections

Two recent clinical studies, both independent and randomized, show that Bactiguard-coated Foley catheters and endotracheal tubes reduce catheter associated urinary tract infections and ventilator associated pneumonia.

The first study was conducted in Spain and included 116 patients catheterized for
2 – 14 days, with a mean of 4 days, during the immediate postoperative period following cardiac surgery. The incidence of catheter associated urinary tract infections was significantly lower (38 percent) for patients with Bactiguard-coated Foley catheters (BIP Foley) compared to patients with standard catheters. An economic evaluation in the publication confirms that using Bactiguard-coated catheters also is a cost-effective alternative to prevent catheter associated urinary tract infections and reduce the number of patient days. The study is published in Enfermeria Intensiva*.

The other study was conducted in Romania and included 100 patients intubated for five days. The study shows a 67 percent lower incidence of ventilator associated pneumonia for patients with Bactiguard-coated endotracheal tubes (BIP ETT), compared to patients with standard ETTs. Significantly less antibiotics was also used for patients using Bactiguard-coated catheters. It was concluded that the use of BIP ETTs is associated with a lower incidence of infections and that they are more cost- effective than standard ETTs. The study was presented as a poster at the European Euroanasthesiology Congress in Berlin in June 2015.**

* Fabrellas H et al; Incidence of urinary tract infections after cardiac surgery: comparative study according to catheterization device. Enferm Intensiva, 21 March 2015. PMID: 25804335, available at
Abstract available in English. Please contact Bactiguard for further information.

** The abstract is available at the Euroanasthesia homepage, page 377:

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