New clinical study from Hong Kong confirms that Bactiguard coated Foley catheters reduce infections for long-term users

A recent, independent clinical study conducted in Hong Kong confirms that Bactiguard-coated Foley catheters reduce symptomatic catheter associated urinary tract infections and that the effect is even more pronounced among long-term users. 

”Given our recent market entry into China and Hong Kong we are pleased that the study confirms previously published results. It is also very encouraging that it shows more pronounced benefits for long-term users, who may be chronically dependent on catheterization,” says Johan Rugfelt, COO.

This is the first study conducted in a Chinese population and included 306 patients from a rehabilitation hospital in Hong Kong.  The incidence of catheter associated urinary tract infections was 31%  lower for patients with Bactiguard-coated Foley catheters (BIP Foley) compared to patients with standard latex Foley catheters (P=0.095). A subgroup analysis showed  a 48% lower infection rate among long-term users (~60 days with catheter) with Bactiguard coated catheters compared to standard catheters (P=0.027).  The study is published in the Hong Kong Medical Journal.*.

* The study is now available on the Hong Kong Medical Journal webpage (and will be soon available at PubMed):

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