Veterinary Care

Our pets play an important role for us humans, close contact with animals makes us feel good and often affects our health positively. But being an pet owner also involves a certain amount of concern, all pets suffer from wounds now and then. Cuts and lacerations, bite wounds, infected skin and skin folds, wounded and infected paws are all parts of the pet owner’s everyday life.


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Aniocyn – Wound & Skin Care for dogs, cats, horses and other pets

A new range of wound and skin care products for pets. Reduces the risk of infection without irritating the skin or stinging, while supporting the natural healing process.

  • Cleans the wound and supports natural healing.
  • Effectively removes both bacteria, viruses and fungi.
  • Safe in case of wound licking and for use around eyes, ears and nose.
  • Helps eleminate wound odours

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