Wound management

A wound is a strain and affects the patient’s everyday life, regardless of whether the wound is acute or difficult to heal, such as diabetic foot ulcers and pressure ulcers. Wound care is about enabling healing, preventing infection, reducing suffering and facilitating the daily life of the patient.

Bactiguard’s wound care products aim to speed healing and reduce the risk of infections. For example, Bactiguard Wound Care solution helps to clean the wound, reduce bacterial load, remove fetid odor and support natural wound healing.

Hydrocyn® aqua Advanced wound care

Hydrocyn® aqua Advanced wound care is a wound wash, debridement and irrigation solution for chronic and acute wounds.

Surgical sutures

Bactiguard offers a wide range of both absorable and non-absorable sutures.

Hernia Mesh - VigiMesh™

VigiMesh™ is specifically designed as an all purpose mesh to meet the demands of the practitioner.