VigiMesh™ – Hernia Mesh

VigiMesh™ is a sterile, non-absorbable, knitted polypropylene monofilament mesh material for tissue reinforcement, intended for use in hernia repair.

Hernia is protrusion of the contents of an organ through the wall of a cavity that normally holds it. In this condition, a weak spot or opening in a body wall, often due to laxity of the muscles, allows part of the organ to protrude. A hernia may develop in almost any part of the body; however, the muscles of the abdominal wall are most commonly affected.

VigiMesh acts as “scaffolding” for new growth of a patient’s own tissue, which eventually incorporates the mesh into the surrounding area.

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VigiMesh™ should be shaped, cut to size, and affixed, taking into considerations the patient’s posture, weight and anatomical location. Careful attention to suture/staple placement and spacing will help prevent excessive tension or disruption between the mesh material and connective tissue. it is recommended that suture/staple to be places 6.5 mm from the edge of the mesh material for best result.

VigiMesh™ knitting profiles

  • VigiMesh™ SP (standard)
  • VigiMesh™ LP (light weight) – Ideal for laparoscopic due to easy handling and better transparency
  • VigiMesh™ CP (large pore) – Creates a thinner, more integrated scar instead of the thicker, less flexible scar that is created with mesh of minimal pore size. Results in a more elastic scar and surrounding tissue for the patient.

VigiMesh_Hernia mesh_Bactiguard


Standard Shape
SizeSmall Pore
Standard Weight
Small Pore
Light Weight
Large poreQuantityShape


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