Bactiguard launches Wound Care line in the UK and Ireland

Bactiguard offers a broad range of infection prevention solutions, from a unique coating technology to a portfolio of coated medical devices. The portfolio also includes biocompatible and effective wound care products which now are launched in the UK and Ireland.

Bactiguard today announces the launch of its wound care offering in the UK and Ireland, in collaboration with Quintess Medical and their partner, full-service medical sales and distribution firm GS Medical. The collaboration will not only bring Bactiguard’s Wound Care product range to even more patients and end-users, but also further strengthen Bactiguard’s position in the wound care market. The market for wound care in the UK was valued at around GBP 860 million in 2022 and is expected to grow over the coming years.

Bacteria and other microorganisms grow in most wounds, which makes healing difficult and can cause infections which may spread in the body. Wound treatment that speeds up healing results in less pain and discomfort for the patient. Bactiguard’s wound care products are biocompatible and pH-neutral, and support an improved wound healing process. They also clean the wound by reducing the microbial load. The Bactiguard product line is categorized as a non-toxic and environmentally friendly class III medical device. The products can be used for both acute and chronic wounds.

“Entering the UK and Ireland is an important milestone for Bactiguard, the markets present a great opportunity for our us. It is a well-known fact that hard-to-heal wounds and chronic wounds, for instance foot ulcers related to diabetes, create both patient suffering and staggering costs for the healthcare systems. As patients with chronic wounds receive more antibiotics, they are also more susceptible to multi-resistant bacteria. With Bactiguard’s wound care products, we can both fight antimicrobial resistance and enhance the quality of life for patients with difficult wounds,” says Anders Göransson, Bactiguard’s CEO.

The aggregated annual cost of wound management in the UK is around GBP 8.3 billion of which 67 percent is spent on managing unhealed wounds.

“By becoming an official agent for Bactiguard Wound Care, we will be able to offer a safe, effective and environmentally sound solution across the UK and Ireland. Our local healthcare knowledge combined with Bactiguard’s wound care line will provide the market an highly effective wound cleaning system which will accelerate and improve healing, and ultimately save health care budgets”, says Peter Greene, Finance Director at Quintess Medical.

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