About Bactiguard

Bactiguard is a global MedTech company developing safe and biocompatible technology to prevent medical device-related infections. The company’s unique technology is based on an ultra-thin noble metal coating that prevents bacterial adhesion and biofilm formation on medical devices. Bactiguard’s infection prevention technology and solutions decrease patient suffering, save lives, and unburden healthcare resources while also fighting against antimicrobial resistance, one of the most serious threats to global health and modern medicine.

Bactiguard operates through license partnerships with leading global MedTech companies that apply the technology to their medical devices and sell them under their own brand or co-branded with Bactiguard. The company also has a portfolio of wound management products.

Bactiguard is headquartered in Stockholm and listed on Nasdaq Stockholm.

Our employees

Thanks to our employees, we have built a company that embodies innovation, entrepreneurship, diversity, equality, swift decision-making, and responsibility. Their dedication drives our success and enables us to stay ahead in a competitive market. Our diverse team brings unique perspectives that foster creativity and innovation. By prioritizing equality, we ensure an inclusive environment where everyone can thrive. Quick decision-making allows us to adapt rapidly to changing circumstances, while a strong sense of responsibility ensures we meet our commitments to customers, partners, and the community. Our employees are the cornerstone of our achievements and future growth.