Reporting of misconduct / Whistle blowing

In Sweden there is a law that protects the whistle-blower, Law 2020: 21:193 on special protection against reprisals for whistle-blowers who sound the alarm about possible serious misconduct.

Reporting of, for example, violations of laws and regulations, harassment, discrimination, or misconduct at work or via any social media can be made openly or anonymously. The identity of the person making the complaint and the report will be handled confidentially.

Notification and reporting of violations and misconduct

Notification means informing the company of any violations and misconduct at the company. The notification and report will help the company to sort out the reported situation to take actions and to prevent any violations and misbehaviour. All employees including contracted employees have a right to notify the company and are encouraged to report any such conditions. This also applies to the Bactiguard’s suppliers, partners and others.

  • Notifications and reports can be made openly or anonymously, and both the notification and the notifiers’ identity are treated as confidential information.
  • As far as the situation allows, the notifier will receive information on how the Company has processed the notification and report and to what it has led to.

Reports can be made to Bactiguard’s external Reporting Service:

via email: whistleblower@ropa.se or
via form: https://ropa.se/whistleblower-bactiguard/