License Partnerships

We collaborate with leading MedTech companies that apply the technology to their medical devices and sell them under their own brand or co-branded with Bactiguard.

Our partnerships are more than a business alliance; they are a joint mission to protect more patients and make a substantial impact in the medical world.

A vision to become the global standard of care

At Bactiguard, we are driven by a vision far beyond business success – we are committed to becoming the global standard of care in infection control, because we believe the best way to protect against infections is to prevent them. Our goal is clear: to make our innovative infection control solutions universally available, setting a new benchmark for medical device safety and efficacy. By integrating Bactiguard’s coating technology, your MedTech company can be at the forefront of this transformative journey, making a profound impact on global healthcare.

Enhance medical devices with advanced infection control

Bactiguard’s coating technology offers a comprehensive solution for MedTech companies seeking to differentiate themselves from competition and enhance the performance and success of their medical devices. A Bactiguard coated surface prevents primary adhesion as fewer bacteria attach to the surface, reducing the risk of biofilm formation and subsequent infections.

By reducing the risk of device-related infection, it ensures more consistent treatment outcomes and fewer complications.

This facilitates faster patient recovery and ultimately leads to improved clinical results; a compelling reason to choose your product over the competitor’s. Our coating technology is adaptable to any application area where it is important to reduce the risk of infections.

Support in bringing Bactiguard coated devices to the market 

Bactiguard, as a knowledge and specialist organization, provides license partners not only with coating technology but
also application know-how, for instance through setting up manufacturing production lines.
We also offer sales and marketing support, along with training on our technology’s functionality and value, drawing from our extensive experience with coated medical devices. This includes engaging with healthcare professionals and other stakeholders within the healthcare system. 

We support our partners by: 

  • Technology and know-how

  • Medical and Clinical expertise

  • Sales and Marketing Support

  • Regulatory

By providing clinical expertise, sales and marketing support, coupled with comprehensive training, we ensure that our partners are well-equipped to effectively market and sell their Bactiguard coated products, leading to better customer engagement and sales performance. Our impact ambitions are bold: to decrease patient suffering, save lives, unburden healthcare resources and importantly, combat antimicrobial resistance; one of the most serious threats to global health and modern medicine

License partners

Since 1995, Bactiguard has had a successful license partnership with CR Bard, now BD (Becton Dickinson & Company), one of the market leaders within the urology therapeutic area. BD’s acquisition of CR Bard in 2017 aimed to strengthen BD’s position in the field of infection prevention. Today, the license partnership includes exclusive rights to offer Bactiguard coated urinary catheters all over the world (except China). The Bactiguard coated catheters are sold under the brand names Bardex IC and Lubri-Sil IC.

Bactiguard has two partnerships with Zimmer Biomet, a global leader in orthopedics. The first, signed in 2019, is a license partnership related to the orthopedic trauma implants for which Bactiguard received CE mark for the coated version in 2021. In 2022, the collaboration with Zimmer Biomet was expanded to cover an exclusivity agreement for implants for joint reconstruction of the hips, knees and shoulders, sports medicine and craniomaxillofacial and thoracic applications. 

Well Lead Medical, China’s leading manufacturer of consumable medical devices, has since 2018 the exclusive right to market and sell Bactiguard coated Foley catheters in China.

LicenseeStart yearGeographic marketProducts
Becton, Dickinson and Company (BD)1990Exclusive global license partner excluding ChinaUrinary catheter Bardex IC and Lubrisil IC
Well Lead Medical2018ChinaWell Lead Medical is currently at the approval process stage to enable it to sell locally-produced catheters and tubes.
Zimmer Biomet2019Global agreement excluding South-East
Asia, China, India and South Korea
Ortophedic trauma implants, products for joint reconstructions, craniomaxillofacial and thoracic applications.
Zimmer Biomet2022Global agreement excluding South-East
Asia, China, India and South Korea
Implants for joint reconstruction (hips and knees), sports medicine, craniomaxillofacial and thoracic applications.


We work collaboratively to customize the coating manufacturing process for each specific device, ensuring safe and efficient large-scale production. Leveraging our extensive expertise, we are equipped to mass-produce and reliably meet increasing demands without fail. Our coated products do not necessitate specific packaging requirements and can be sterilized using standardized methods, providing flexibility and convenience. Furthermore, the manufacturing process is designed to be hazard-free, guaranteeing worker safety without the need for additional safety certifications, thus maintaining a high standard of operational integrity.

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