Surgical sutures

Bactiguard offers a wide range of sutures:

Non-absorbable sutures

  • Silk
  • Esteron
  • Tylon
  • Ecolene
  • Ecolene mini long pack
  • Linen
  • Brilon

Vigilenz_SURGICAL SUTURES_Non-absorable_Bactiguard_400

Natural absorbable

  • Catgut chrom
  • Catgut plain

Vigilenz_SURGICAL SUTURES_Natural-absorable_Bactiguard_400

Synthetic absorbable sutures

  • Ecosyn
  • Ecosorb fast
  • Ecosorb
  • Ultisorb

Vigilenz_SURGICAL SUTURES_Synthetic-absorable_Bactiguard_400

“Speciality” sutures

  • Vigiloop
  • Steel wire
  • Lapro tie
  • Vigiroll
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Not all products are available on all markets. Please contact us or your local Bactiguard representative to find out what’s available in your region.