Trauma implants are devices used in orthopedic surgery to treat various traumas such as fractures, dislocation, sprains, strains, burns etc. The implants are intended to stay in the body for many months and sometimes lifelong.

In 2019, Bactiguard and Zimmer Biomet partnered to develop and launch orthopedic trauma implants with the Bactiguard technology for infection prevention, to prevent post-operative infections.

The Bactiguard coated implants are now launched in Europe and in selected MEA markets.

Trauma implants with the Bactiguard technology

ZNN™ Bactiguard, the combination of Zimmer Biomed’s clinically successful intramedullary nailing system1-3 and Bactiguard’s unique coating for infection prevention – a solution for addressing implant associated infections and improving patient outcomes.

1. CER 10113-01_Zimmer Natural Nail System_29 July 2020

2. CER 122746_06 Cephalomedullary Nail (CMN) Zimmer Natural Nail System.

3. 285122_CL1_E00_00_#01_Affixus Natural Nail System Humeral Nail.

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