ZNN™ Bactiguard

Infection control for trauma surgeons

In 2019, Bactiguard and Zimmer Biomet partnered to develop and launch orthopedic trauma implants with Bactiguard’s infection prevention technology, to prevent post-operative infections and improve patient outcomes.

Infection is one of the leading causes of complications in orthopaedicsand infection prevention and control is often a top priority for Trauma Surgeons. In June 2019, Zimmer Biomed launched their first product with the Bactiguard technology; ZNN™ Bactiguard.

 ZNN™ Bactiguard

The first Zimmer Biomet product to have the Bactiguard coating will be the ZNN System. The ZNN system delivers a comprehensive anatomic intramedullary trauma nailing system designed for fracture fixation and stabilization, which now is coated with Bactiguard’s infection prevention technology.

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Bactiguard’s unique technology reduces microbial adhesion on the implant

The Bactiguard technology (Bactiguard Infection Protection) is based on a very thin noble metal alloy coating, firmly attached to the implant surface. When in contact with fluids, the noble metals create a galvanic effect which reduces microbial adhesion. This means that fewer bacteria adhere to the implant surface, which reduces the risk of biofilm formation leading to infection.

Launch in Europe and the Middle East

Through licensing agreements, Zimmer Biomet has the right to use Bactiguard’s coating on their trauma implants and sell them globally. ZNN ™ Bactiguard is already launched in Germany, Spain and the UK and will be available to patients and surgeons in other selected EMEA markets (Europe, Middle East and Africa) over time.

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