In collaboration with experts from Karolinska University Hospital, Sweden, Bactiguard has developed an educational material for healthcare professionals who wants to learn more about catheter care and catheter treatment.

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Global Challenge of Hospital Acquired Infection and Anti Microbial Resistance

Dr Stefan Grass Chief Medical Officer, Bactiguard.

Which catheter to choose

Latex and silicone are the most used catheter materials. The most important thing is to choose the right material for each individual patient.

Catheter treatment types

Indwelling catheter can be used in two different ways, either through urethra or by suprapubic catherization. Alternatively intermittent catheterization can be performed.

How to catheterize?

It is imperative that the health care professional has a good understanding of aseptic catherization prodcedure principles as this will helpt to reduce the risk of UTI.


Patients treated with a urinary catheter can move through different healthcare facilities, druing the treament period. The catheter treatment must therefore be carefully documented in the medical record.

Patient care (catheter care)

It is important to inform the patient and relatives about simple tips that can prevent complications; for example about hygiene and fluid intake.

Common complications

The risk for invasion of microbes and subsequent  infections increase with every day of infection.