Our business model

Healthcare associated infections are urgent and a growing problem throughout the world. An increasing number of infections combined with antibiotic resistance presents a global threat to public health. With our technology we can meet the need for medical devices that can effectively help to reduce the risk of healthcare associated infections.

Bactiguard’s business is based on our unique technology, which is a very thin coating on medical devices. Our technology reduces the risk of healthcare associated infections by 35-90% and many years of clinical studies have proven it to be safe.

We want our technology to be available to as many people as possible. This is why we have decided to both sell our own products and license our technology to other medical device companies. This enables us to reach out effectively to a large, global market.

We currently have two revenue streams: the sales of our own products and license revenues.

BIP portfolio

We have called our own product portfolio ‘BIP’ (Bactiguard Infection Protection). This portfolio contains three products: the urinary catheter BIP Foley; the endotracheal tube BIP ETT; and the central venous catheter BIP CVC.

We sell our product portfolio through distributors around the world. When we sign a new distribution agreement for our product portfolio, it normally takes one to one and a half years before the collaboration starts to generate clear results.

We perform clinical studies on our BIP portfolio, enabling us to build up knowledge about the effectiveness and safety of the technology. In addition to this, we are well versed in the approval processes of different countries and jurisdictions. Approval processes often take several years and require extensive clinical studies. Both the clinical studies and our understanding of the approval processes are important factors when developing our distributor network and negotiating license agreements.

The acquisition of our license partner Vigilenz has broadened our product portfolio to include surgical sutures, mesh, wound wash, dressings and orthopaedic trauma implants.

License business

We license our technology to medical device companies throughout the world that apply our technology to their own products and sell them under their own brand.

In our license business we receive initial fees related to the right to use our technology for products within a specific application and geographical area. The license revenues also comprise royalties; this is a variable remunaration when the products reach the market and generate sales revenues.

The licensee gains access to our process expertise, while thecoating itself – a concentrate of noble metals – is delivered to them.

Our business model

Bactiguards business model

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