A new Letter of Intent (LoI) between Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia and Bactiguard has been signed

9 September 2022

Infections related to orthopedic surgery is a common problem but can be prevented by using a technology developed by Bactiguard, former known as Vigilenz. A collaboration between University Kebangsaan in Malaysia and Bactiguard aims at making this technology more available to a larger group of patients worldwide.

The Bactiguard technology is a non-releasing surface modification that prevents microbes from attaching to medical devices. Thereby it reduces the risk of infections and consequently the use of antibiotics. In a longer perspective, it also reduces the risk of anti-microbial resistance, which is one of the biggest threats of our time. The technology is approved and available in Malaysia and many other regions globally.

By reducing the risk of infections, we can decrease the individual suffering related to an infection, as well as days spent at the hospital, says Sathish Subramaniam, CEO Bactiguard South East Asia.

The LoI promises more innovative products within the orthopedic field and other areas since it opens for more clinical trials. The aim is to be a pioneer within research and development of orthopedic implants and other medical devices and make the technology available for a larger group of patients. The advantages would be multiple, both for the individual patient and from a socioeconomic perspective.

The collaboration has been a game changer in the standard of healthcare, both domestically and globally, says Sathish Subramaniam.

UKM chairman Prof Emeritus Datuk Dr. Mohamad Abdul Razak is hopeful that the collaboration will be able to create a significant impact on society and for the benefit of mankind.

The initiatives that will be made through UKM and Bactiguard will create a paradigm shift in the approaches and fight against infections and helping our surgeons the world over as well as patients, having a better chance of healing and quality of life, says Prof Emeritus Datuk Dr. Mohamad Abdul Razak.

For more information, please contact:

Mr Sathish Komar Subramaniam
Chief Executive Officer, Bactiguard (South East Asia) Sdn. Bhd
Email: sathish.subramaniam@bactiguard.com


About Bactiguard SEA
Bactiguard SEA was formerly known as Vigilenz Medical Devices Sdn. Bhd. Vigilenz started operation in 2002 focusing on surgical sutures and has ventured into many new product developments and gained international endorsements such as the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) product clearance and the European CE marking as well as local Halal Certification for its products.

Vigilenz and UKM has been sharing expertise on joint research projects and clinical studies with Department of Orthopaedics and Traumatology since 2019. After the acquisition the collaborative activities have further developed and extended to new product development, based on Bactiguard infection prevention technology.