Bactiguard among the most equal Swedish companies

28 November 2017

Bactiguard was one of four finalists to the AllBright Prize, awarded to the company on the Stockholm Stock Exchange, which made the most significant effort in driving the company towards more equality during the past year.

“Common to the four finalists is that they all show that gender equality is a priority and work hard to reduce discrimination in the workplace. In other words, they have done their gender equality lessons, says Tove Dahlgren, acting CEO at AllBright *.

All 39 companies on AllBright’s green list were nominated at the first stage. The selection process was based on questionnaires and interviews, where both the CEO and employees responded. In the end, only four finalists remained, of which Bactiguard was one. When the AllBright jury announced this year’s result, the care company Humana was named the most equal company on the stock exchange.

“We are very proud that we made it all the way to the final and are now among the top listed Swedish companies on AllBright’s list. Equality is an integral part of our core values ​​and corporate culture. That we have employees of many different nationalities, women and men of different ages, enriches our culture and makes the company more dynamic. It simply makes us more competitive”, says Christian Kinch, CEO.

Bactiguard rises on AllBright’s green list of listed companies
Every year, AllBright ranks the companies on the Stockholm Stock Exchange, based on how they promote women to the management team. The most equal companies are found on AllBright’s green list, while the less equal are placed on the yellow list and the male-dominated companies end up in the red list. Bactiguard made great progress this year, from place 104 to 29. Within Bactiguard there is a wide variety of different nationalities and languages, with employees from 17 different countries, of which half are women and half men. The same gender distribution can be found among the company’s managers.

AllBright is a non-political and non-profit foundation that works in favour of gender equality and diversification in leading positions in business. AllBright works actively to promote and influence decision makers in business to work consciously and focused to increase the number of women in senior positions. The Foundation continuously reviews business leaders and boards to highlight the issue of representation. AllBright wants to shift the debate from discussing problems to reaching solutions.