Bactiguard attends the International Sepsis Forum in Sao Paolo, Brazil.

5 May 2017

Bactiguard and Biodina are currently attending the 14th International Sepsis Forum organized by the Latin American Sepsis Institute being held in Sao Paolo, Brazil on May 4 – 5 2017.

The program seeks to bring together current research, challenges and interventions that are fundamental for the treatment of patients with sepsis in Latin America. The forum is attended by global and national leaders in sepsis research, planning and care.

“This is the biggest conference on sepsis in Latin America, bringing together over 600 experts, from translational medicine to clinical practitioners. It is a great opportunity for spreading and improving knowledge in diagnosis, prevention and treatment of sepsis in our countries,” says Flavia Machado, Vice President of ILAS (Instituto Latino-Americano de Sepse) and member of the Executive board of the Global Sepsis Alliance.

The prevention of sepsis is a key aim for Bactiguard and we have recently entered into sponsorship of World Sepsis day initiated by the Global Sepsis Alliance.

“There is a great interest in infection prevention solutions among healthcare professionals battling sepsis. Our collaboration with the Global Sepsis Alliance and local initiatives like this conference provide opportunities to reach more patients with our products which is important as healthcare-associated infections can account for up to 50% of all sepsis cases[1]” asserts Nina Nilsson, Senior VP of Sales and Marketing.

Click here to find out more information about the International Sepsis Forum program or use the hashtag #sepse2017 to follow what is happening on social media.

[1] Eber MR et al. Arch Intern Med. 2010 Feb 22;170(4):347-53.PMID:20177037