Bactiguard expands in Europe

13 March 2015

Bactiguard expands in Europe by entering an exclusive distribution agreement for Switzerland, covering all products in the Bactiguard Infection Protection portfolio.

We are delighted about our expansion in Switzerland, a market recognized for its high quality healthcare. We have managed to break into one of Europe’s toughest markets, which strengthens the brand and our market position in Europe”, says Johan Rugfelt, CEO.

In Switzerland, with a population of 8 million people, nearly 11 percent of GDP is spent on healthcare. The overall prevalence of healthcare associated infections (HAI) is approximately 11 percent. HAI and multi-resistant bacteria is a major challenge, like in the rest of the world. Implementing preventive measures, such as Bactiguard’s catheters for the urinary- and respiratory tract and the bloodstream is therefore essential to tackle this severe problem.

The Swiss distributor, GD Medical is a family owned company, based in Freienbach. The company has been marketing and distributing equipment for surgery, intensive care and diagnostics and other medical devices since 2006.

Switzerland provides high quality healthcare and is at the forefront of implementing innovations. The need for preventive solutions to combat healthcare associated infections is high and we are looking forward to selling Bactiguard’s high-technology products, increasing patient safety and saving cost for the healthcare system”, says Gabriel Dürst, CEO GD Medical.