Bactiguard ranks higher on Allbright’s list of equality

17 November 2021

This year Bactiguard has excelled the previous year’s equality ranking from number 57 to 19 among Sweden’s listed companies. Each year Allbright ranks the companies listed on the Stockholm stock market, based on equality, with the most equal companies ranked on the green list. Bactiguard works actively to increase diversity and we are proud that we are advancing on Allbright’s green list of equality during 2021.

Allbright has ranked 347 listed companies during 2021, out of which 19% were considered to have equal management teams and boards. Most of the listed companies, 61%, were placed on the yellow list, meaning they had both men and women in their management without achieving equality. A fifth of Sweden’s listed companies lacked women in their management teams and boards and were thereby red listed.

Highlights from the Allbright report

  • The percentage of women in the management in listed companies has increased from 25% in 2020 to 27% in 2021.
  • There are more women on the boards of listed companies, 35% compared to 34% last year.

About Allbright

Allbright is a non-political and non-profit foundation that works in favour of gender equality and diversification in leading positions in business. The Foundation continuously reviews business leaders and boards to highlight the issue of representation.

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