Bactiguard sponsors World Sepsis Day

31 March 2017

Bactiguard is now a proud sponsor of World Sepsis Day initiated by the Global Sepsis Alliance. Sepsis is the main cause of death from infection and affects more than 30 million people a year; of whom 6 to 8 million die. In Sweden, almost 40,000 people suffer from sepsis per year.[1] Surviving patients suffer from the consequences for the rest of their lives.

The Global Sepsis Alliance was founded in 2010 with the aim to raise awareness for sepsis worldwide and reduce sepsis deaths by 20 % by 2020. One of the biggest projects run by the GSA is World Sepsis Day that was initiated in 2012 where every year on September 13, events raising awareness on sepsis are organized all over the globe. The events range from medical education, information for lay people, sport activities, and fundraising events.

Additionally, the GSA is working closely with the World Health Organization (WHO), national sepsis advocacy groups, governments and politicians to get the World Health Assembly, the decision-making body of the WHO to pass a resolution on sepsis which includes designating World Sepsis Day as the official 9th World Health Day. You can find more information on the work of the GSA here.

Catheter-acquired urinary tract infections, ventilator-associated pneumonia and catheter-related bloodstream infections can all lead to sepsis. Many of these infections and subsequent sepsis are preventable. Bactiguard is not only committed to raising awareness but also to contributing to the reduction of sepsis through our Bactiguard Infection Prevention portfolio which addresses the most common hospital-acquired infections.

For more information about work by the Global Sepsis Alliance and how you can contribute please visit: