Bactiguard supports the 6th Annual World Sepsis Day

13 September 2017

The sixth annual World Sepsis Day will be held on September 13th, 2017 by supporters in over 90 countries with Bactiguard as an official sponsor. World Sepsis Day is an opportunity for people across the world to unite in the fight against sepsis.

In an effort to reduce the global burden of preventable sepsis, the Global Sepsis Alliance and the World Health Organization (WHO) this year put “Maternal and Neonatal Sepsis’ in the spotlight. Undetected or poorly managed maternal infections have led to alarming rates of preventable sepsis, death or disability for both the mother and infant, during pregnancy and at the time of birth.

“Every year, sepsis kills around 6 million people, including 1 million newborn babies. The tragedy is that most of these deaths could have been prevented,” says Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director-General of the World Health Organization.

In addition to being an official sponsor of World Sepsis Day, Bactiguard was also supporting the event on September 9th at Stortorget in Malmö arranged by the Swedish Sepsis Trust (Sepsisfonden). During the event the Swedish journalist Niklas Zachrisson was awarded the 2017 Sepsis Prize, and people who have been affected by sepsis told their personal stories.

Sepsis accounts for at least 6 million deaths worldwide annually, about half of which are caused by hospital-acquired infections[1]Yet, depending on country and education, sepsis is known only to 7 – 50 percent of the people. Likewise, it is poorly known that sepsis can be prevented by vaccination and clean care and that early recognition and treatment reduces sepsis mortality by 50 percent. This lack of knowledge makes sepsis the number one preventable cause of death worldwide. Bactiguard saves lives by developing and supplying infection protection solutions which reduce the risk of health-care associated infections that may develop into sepsis.

World Sepsis Day was initiated by the Global Sepsis Alliance in 2012 with the aim to raise awareness for sepsis worldwide. The Global Sepsis Alliance (GSA) is a non-profit organization which facilitates interaction about sepsis by bringing together multiple stakeholders, including but not limited to healthcare providers, policymakers and clinical societies.

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[1] Eber MR et al. Arch Intern Med. 2010 Feb 22;170(4):347-53.PMID:20177037