Bactiguard supports the Swedish foundation Prematurföreningen Mirakel

13 November 2018

Modern, advanced healthcare is dependent on effective antibiotics. But incorrect and excessive use of antibiotics has allowed resistant bacteria to spread rapidly throughout the world. If this development doesn’t halt, common infections will be hard to treat and even become incurable. Premature care is an example where multi-resistant bacteria may have devastating consequences.

Premature born children is a vulnerable group. They often receive antibiotics since they are extremely infection-sensitive and very fragile in the earliest stages of life. Being infected can have devastating consequences.Premature babies are often cared for in hospital rooms with more than one patient, an environment where infections and multi-resistant bacteria are easily spread and may lead to serious complications, a lifelong disability or even death. In recent years antibiotic resistance has become a major problem in neonatal care.

The foundation Prematurföreningen Mirakel with their President Pernilla Brown is an important voice in the Swedish healthcare debate, advocating the importance of preventing infections and antibiotic resistance. On their agenda is single rooms at all neonatal departments to prevent infections from spreading, and a work environment where staff are able to follow set hygiene routines. They consistently support patients and their families by striving for better and safer healthcare.

Bactiguard is a proud sponsor of their important work within infection prevention, we share the same mission. Bactiguard’s infection protection solutions reduce the risk of healthcare associated infections, the use of antibiotics and thus the spread of multi-resistant bacteria. Reduction in microbial adhesion and colonization to Bactiguard coated device surfaces for bacteria that have developed resistance against bacteria, such as MRSAand ESBL, has been verified in vitro.

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