Bactiguard supports the World Sepsis Day, September 13th

13 September 2018

Sepsis remains the primary cause of death from infections around the world, despite advances in modern medicine such as vaccines and antibiotics. Every 3-4 seconds someone dies of sepsis. The World Sepsis Day is held on September 13th every year and is an opportunity for people across the world to unite in the fight against sepsis. Bactiguard is one of the main sponsors of the event.

Sepsis, commonly referred to as ‘blood poisoning’, is the life-threatening condition that arises when the body’s response to infection results in organ dysfunction or failure. Sepsis is often confused with other conditions in its early stages, with delayed recognition of the signs and symptoms quickly leading to multi-system organ failure, and, ultimately death.

Sepsis accounts for at least 8 million deaths worldwide annually. Yet, depending on country and education, sepsis is known only to a minority of the people. In Europe, it has been estimated that a typical episode of sepsis costs healthcare services approximately 25.000 Euros. Given the considerable loss of life years the human costs of sepsis are enormous.1

An estimated 50 % of all cases of sepsis can attributed to healthcare associated infections (HAI).2 Consequently, preventing HAI is imperative in terms of reducing the occurrence of sepsis. Bactiguard save lives by developing and supplying infection protection solutions which reduces the risk of health-care associated infections that may develop into sepsis.

On the occasion of World Sepsis Day (WSD) on September 13th, the Global Sepsis Alliance is urging all nations, with active support of the WHO, to coordinate and align practices in infection control and prevention, as well as reduce the incidence of antimicrobial resistance.

In addition to be the official sponsor of World Sepsis Day, Bactiguard is also supporting The Sepsis race, organized by that the Swedish Sepsis Trust (Sepsisfonden) on September 16 in Helsingborg, Sweden. The Sepsis race is a running event and a new initiative organized with the aim of spreading knowledge and supporting research on sepsis (

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