Exciting future for Bactiguard with CEO Anders Göransson

23 December 2021

Three months have passed since Anders Göransson became CEO of Bactiguard and he speaks with excitement about the future of the company and the growth journey that lays ahead. “Hearing the great feedback from our partners and patients makes me realise that I made the right choice to join Bactiguard”, says Anders Göransson. He shares his thoughts on where he sees the company heading and what he thinks makes a great leader.

In your role as CEO, what is top of your mind now?

Right now, we are setting the direction for the coming years and making a new strategy for how we will drive growth and really accelerate Bactiguard. That is top of my mind, getting the organization rallied up and aligned in the new direction we are going.

What changes would you like to make during your first year in the company?

There are really two things. One is focus. To focus where our technology can make the biggest difference for patients. In our licencing business that means focusing on the most strategic long-term partners that can support us getting our technology to patients. For our own products it means focus on the markets with the biggest potential to reach patients.

The second is people. We are a global organization with large operations in both Malaysia and Sweden, standing in front of a change where we are trying to accelerate growth. So, getting people on board and excited about this journey is key. The first step is to engage people in the discussions and set the direction together.

How would you build a 5-year plan?

I think you need to work with the whole leadership team, it’s not one person building a company. Of course, we also need to interact with people who use our products to get the external perspective and engage people in the organization to find out what we can do better. Then we need to set clear priorities for where we want to be five years from now and what the first steps will be. 2022 for us will be the initiation of the growth phase, where we expand our commercial capabilities.

What personality traits do you think make a good leader?

Firstly, you need to be empathetic. If you don’t listen and understand people, it’s harder to lead. I believe it is important to listen because a great leader makes the most out of the team. It’s not the leader who makes everything happen, it’s the team. I also believe a great leader needs to be visionary and have a long-term view.

What is the best and the worst part of being a CEO?

The best part is being able to influence the direction of the company and making the whole organisation move in one direction. The worst part is a luxury problem, at Bactiguard we have so many opportunities, so having to choose between many good ones is a delicate opportunity to have, but it is also a hard one.

Can you mention one thing that is happening in your private life?

Yes, I am not just a new CEO, I am also a new dog owner, like many others during the pandemic. As a dog owner you learn the importance of being consistent. You give a lot of love, and you get a lot of love. And dogs have this unique skill of knowing when something is wrong, and when someone needs their support. That is also a trait of a good leader. Perhaps my dog Benji is my leader. He takes me out walking, he feels when I need support, and he reminds me to be consistent.