Improved healing with Bactiguard Wound Care Hydrocyn Aqua

25 April 2023

Check out the latest from Bactiguard Wound Care – in the April issue of specialist publication Wounds International, the Made Easy section presents Hydrocyn Aqua’s product line and how it supports enhanced wound healing in an efficient manner. It is also biocompatible meaning being nice to both tissue and the environment. The publication refers to Hydrocyn Aqua as a versatile system for the effective management of acute and chronic wounds with a local or systemic infection. It is available as a solution and gel, and targets a broad range of microorganisms, reduces biofilm and improves wound healing.

In addition, the publication gives a deep dive into how Hydrocyn Aqua works and very hands-on instruction for practitioners. It describes in a digestible manner how the solutions combat bacteria, viruses and fungi through a so-called osmotic shock process. Curious about what an osmotic shock is? The entire publication can be downloaded for free.

More information on Hydrocyn Aqua here 

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