Infection prevention to reduce the healthcare costs in Colombia

21 March 2016

The healthcare costs in Colombia are increasing and the need for infection control, such as Bactiguard’s infection preventive solution, is becoming a more prioritized area. In February Bactiguard and Business Sweden jointly visited Colombia aiming to network and establish relationships with decision makers and potential customers in the healthcare industry to enable a better penetration of the Colombian market.

Part of the process of introducing Bactiguard’s new technology, is to begin with educating clinicians about the advantages of our product in terms of cost efficiency and patient safety, says Michael Baez, Sales Director for Latin America at Bactiguard and continues:

It also requires addressing global issues like antibiotic resistant bacteria and the challenge we face if we don’t act now.

Latin America is one of Bactiguard’s priority markets and in 2015 Bactiguard entered a distribution agreement with Life Nanotech SAS for Colombia, covering all products of the company’s Infection Protection portfolio. Entering the Colombian market enables Bactiguard to expand its presence and sales in this large and important market.

Currently Bactiguard is in the preparation phase to start evaluations of the company’s Foley catheters and Endotracheal tubes at four different private hospitals. More evaluations are expected to follow throughout the year.

Healthcare associated infections (HAI) are a major problem in Colombia, particularly in the Intensive Care Units. The prevalence of infections in the most common areas are approximately 48 percent in the respiratory tract, 30 percent in the urinary tract and 19 percent in the bloodstream.

By implementing preventive solutions, such as Bactiguard-coated products, the prevalence of HAI can be significantly reduced and at the same time increasing patient safety and safe cost for the healthcare system.

Colombia has also implemented a comprehensive reform of the healthcare system to improve healthcare for all citizens. This enables for innovative technologies such as the Bactiguard technology, to be scientifically evaluated and considered for purchase.

The following representatives, from left to right, visited the Swedish Embassy in Bogota: Javier Sanchez (Bactiguard), Jörgen Larsson (Karolinska University Hospital), Thomas Andersson (Swedish Embassy Bogota), Grazyna Sotta (Business Sweden), Anna Sahlström (Karolinska University Hospital), Arley Gomez (Life Nanotech) and Erik Alarik (Business Sweden)


Colombia with its nearly 50 million of people, is the third largest economy in Latin America and about 7 percent of GDP is spent on healthcare. The country is one of the countries that lead the way in incorporating new technologies, along with Mexico, Brazil, and Chile. There is constant reform happening throughout the region, and Colombia is on the verge of leading the way to the next level of healthcare, closing in on the quality and safety experienced in Europe and the North America.