Olof Sandén joins Bactiguard after 10 years with Elekta

11 June 2012

The Swedish medical technology company Bactiguard has hired a new Executive Vice President, Olof Sandén, who will also be acting as head of sales and marketing. Olof left his position as Executive Vice President at Elekta in early June.

So, Olof, tell us how you ended up at Bactiguard after 10 years with Elekta?

My time at Elekta has been fantastic, during which we have managed to develop Elekta´s position in several world markets. But when I was asked to join Bactiguard in building a global standing in the field of medical technology, which also has the power to create cost effective health care, it was an easy decision to join the team.
The challenge that Bactiguard faces is similar to that of Elekta in Europe in the early 90´s, and more recently in the growing emerging markets. My experience should come in handy.

What role will you have at Bactiguard?

Vice president, with focus on the global market and customer relations, but considering that we are still a small company, I´m sure I will be involved in many aspects of growth and development.

What do you see as your biggest challenge in your new role at Bactiguard?

To continue the establishment of BIP CIP (Bactiguard’s Infection Protection Clinical Implementation Program) in a number of existing areas, for example urinary catheters, as well as expanding our production portfolio physically as well as geographically. It’s an exciting time ahead, which I am and have been looking forward to for some time.

Bactiguard prevents health care related infections and is built on a unique Swedish innovation, but what do you see as the company´s strong point?

It´s no question that Bactiguard holds its own with its patented formula, but what I find to be the most important factor is the clinical effect that we have shown in over 80,000 patients in clinical studies. Generally, the most difficult feat for a med-tech company is showing clinical relevance, where lack of will prove even the greatest ideas or prototypes basically meaningless. A large part of my attraction to Bactiguard is the level of competence that they are able to find. They have succeeded in creating a complete organization, filling important positions with the right people for the job.

You have been at Elekta, a worldwide organization for over 10 years, how is Swedish Medical Technology companies perceived abroad?

Good, but times are over where Swedish companies can get by on reputation alone, after many years on the Swedish Trade Council and more recently at Elekta, I know what it takes!

One last question, what are your plans for the summer?

To prepare myself for Bactiguard!

Bactiguard provides world-leading solutions preventing hospital-acquired infections – the 4th largest cause of death in the western world. By using Bactiguard technology Governments can reduce healthcare cost, lower the use of antibiotics and save lives. The Bactiguard technology consists of an extremely thin noble metal coating, with antimicrobial and biocompatible properties that can be used on all sorts of medical devices. The Bactiguard coated urinary catheter has since 1995 been used by more than 110 million patients in the US. Today Bactiguard offers a full range portfolio within infection prevention in the urinary tract, respiratory tract and blood stream.

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