The EAU congress was beyond all expectations

22 March 2016

About three hundred urologists visited Bactiguard’s booth at EAU, Europe’s biggest congress for doctors specialized in urology. Several of them expressed a great need for a solution reducing the number of catheter associated urinary tract infections (CAUTI), which often occur when patients are using a urinary catheter for a longer time.

During the three day congress Bactiguard did meet both doctors, who successfully have been using the company’s products for some time for their patients, and potential new users as well as potential distributors for markets where Bactiguard not yet is present.

Bactiguard’s infection preventive Foley catheters can be used for up to 90 days, which was positively received by several urologists. Dr. Mohammad Alghanem, at the hospital Jaber Alahmad in Kuwait, is one of the urologists already using Bactiguard’s Foley catheters, mainly for patients with long term use. On average, Dr. Alghanem’s patients keep the Foley catheters for two months but they can be used for up to three months compared with one month only for a standard catheter.

My patients experience less irritation and infection of the urinary tract and are happy with Bactiguard’s Foley catheters. This also means that the patients don’t have to come that often to the hospital to change the catheter, says Dr Mohammad Alghanem.

On top of the agenda of the urologists, is to reduce the use of antibiotics and the spread of multi-resistant bacteria, which is a worldwide challenge for all. The urologists could see the actual value of using Bactiguard Infection Protection Foley Catheters (BIP Foley Catheters), since they both are effective in significantly reducing the amount of CAUTI and the use of antibiotics and at the same time are cost-efficient.

The interest from the congress delegates was beyond any expectations this year, and a significant increase from last year’s congress in Madrid. The large number of visitors and many customers asking for a follow-up visit in their hospital is really encouraging and showing that our participation at the EAU is important, says Nina Nilsson, Marketing Manager at Bactiguard.

About the EAU Congress 2016
The 31st edition of the annual European Association of Urology (EAU) Congress, arranged on March 11 to 14 in Munich, gathered about 11,000 medical professionals, innovators, researchers, patients and about 200 exhibitors from around the world. The aim of the congress was to share knowledge and experiences as well as be updated on the latest innovations and technologies in the field of urology. The three day long congress had an extensive program with 300 seminars, workshops and hands-on training, arranged by no less than 1,400 speakers. 4,000 posters were submitted of which 100 poster abstracts were presented.

Footnote: Dr. Mohammad Alghanem is sharing the clinical experience only.