The Economist paints a scary vision of the future

19 July 2019

In an imagined scenario from 2041 the Economist describes how the world belatedly responded to antimicrobial resistance. If antibiotics stop working, the superbugs will spread rapidly.

According to a study published in the scientific journal The Lancet1 in November 2018 more than 33,000 people die in Europe every year as a direct consequence of infections caused by antibiotic resistant bacteria. 75 percent of these infections are so called healthcare associated infections (HAI).

Bactiguard’s infection protection solutions reduces the risk of healthcare associated infections, the use of antibiotics and thus the spread of multi-resistant bacteria. Reduction in microbial adhesion and colonization to Bactiguard coated device surfaces for bacteria that have developed resistance against bacteria, such as MRSA and ESBL, has been verified in vitro.

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1. Lancet Infect dis 2019; 19: 56–66