The winners of the 2016 Bactiguard Research Award

11 October 2016

Winners of the 2016 Bactiguard Research Award for infection-related research were announced at the Urology Days conference which took place in Jönköping last week.

The winners were Anna Messing Eriksson from the Urological Clinic at Karolinska University Hospital and Dr Jon Forsberg from the Urology Clinic in Östergötland University Hospital in Linköping.

Anna Messing Eriksson, a member of the National Association for Nurses in Urology (, won with the following abstract:
Urine Samples from indwelling urinary catheters – a pilot study of the sampling procedure.

Nina Nilsson, Marketing Director at Bactiguard, stated:

We are very excited that someone has taken a solid approach towards the issue of sampling procedures from indwelling urinary catheters, which can be one of the most common issues when we are out meeting nurses and other health care providers who handle catheters on a daily basis. Urinary tract infections due to catheter treatment are the single most common nosocomial infection today; they cause immense suffering for patients and increase the cost of health care. We happily encourage initiatives to possibly prevent infections, which is entirely in line with our own vision here at Bactiguard.

Dr Jon Forsberg, member of the Swedish Urological Association ( took home the other award with the abstract:
Rectal flora sensitivity for ciprofloxacin is the main risk factor for infection after prostate biopsy

Nilsson further elaborated: “The development of resistance against different types of antibiotics is a major global issue that is growing every year, a theme that Bactiguard is highly committed to as we work to reduce antibiotic use primarily by preventing infections. We gladly encourage wise initiatives that lead to thoughtful antibiotic treatments, with each dose preceded by analysis and a careful selection of which antibiotic to be used for each specific case.”

We congratulate the winners who, in addition to the honors, will each receive a scholarship of 10 000 SEK.