Update from Bactiguard Wound Care at EWMA

11 May 2023
Last week, Bactiguard’s Wound Care specialist team made a stamp at the EWMA 2023 in Milan. As the largest wound care conference in Europe, EWMA (European Wound Management Association) brings together renowned medical professionals and thought leaders in the wound care field. Bactiguard’s booth #39, highlighted by the Hydrocyn aqua® drop, became a center of attention! New connections were made, and engaging conversations were held on how Bactiguard Wound Care’s products can effectively manage and improve the healing of severe wounds. In essence, products that prevent infections!
Bactiguard Wound Care’s Hydrocyn aqua® is an advanced wound care portfolio with CE marked products (approved in the EU, medical class III and IIb). It includes wound wash, debridement and irrigation solution for chronic and acute wounds. It supports the wound healing process by protecting and keeping the wound clean and free from microorganisms and contaminants. The active substance is hypochlorous acid, the same substance that the body’s immune cells use in its defense against infectious organisms. The substance can penetrate the outer layer of bacteria, fungi and virus and thus cause damage inside the cell which leads to destruction of the cell function (and eventually cell death). Hydrocyn aqua® has no negative effect on human cells and is biocompatible which means it does not cause irritation to skin. During the event, Bactiguard Wound Care arranged two scientific symposia. Firstly, Prof. Dr. José Luis Lázaro Martínez addressed the Wound Bed Preparation Paradigm with the objective to raise awareness of the importance of wound bed preparation and revisit the way of wound cleansing. Secondly, a wound management experience case was presented by Prof. Dato. Dr. Harikrishna K. R. Nair on how Hydrocyn aqua® outlines The Pathway in Chronic Wound Management. In addition, two e-poster sessions were held: one on diabetic foot immersion technique by Dr. Sreedharan Muniandy and one on wound assessment and wound healing by Dr. Stefania Fabbri. The study concludes that Hydrocyn aqua® has a better wound closure compared to control solution and did not induce significant pro-inflammatory effects. The study can be found here “EWMA 2023 in Milan has been a great success for us, with insightful conversations and networking. And such passion for wound healing, the Bactiguard Wound Care line received an overwhelmingly positive response from the participants. Our investments in studies and collaboration with practitioners to test the effectiveness of Hydrocyn aqua® products make the potential even greater to benefit more patients with severe wounds, such as chronic ulcers. It was evident that proactive wound bed preparation and management is a trend that significantly will impact patient outcomes in a positive manner”, states Dr Stefan Grass, Chief Medical Officer at Bactiguard. More information on Hydrocyn Aqua here   
3D Reconstructed wound skin in response to a wound wash debridement agent and cleaning solution May 2023_