Welcome to Bactiguard Sathish Subramaniam

15 August 2013

The Swedish Medtech company Bactiguard has recruited Sathish Subramaniam who will join Bactiguard as Director of Global Production and Supply Chain.

Johan Rugfelt, COO of Bactiguard is very proud of the recruitment: “Sathish will be a fantastic asset to Bactiguard especially at this point in time when we are expanding our production. His experience from our field is exactly what we need right now and we are very glad he choose to join us”.

Sathish has a long history in medical devices. He has worked 10 years at C.R. Bard in many different production and R&D related positions, among others he was responsible for the transfer of Bardex IC (Bactiguard coated catheters) from US to Malaysia, later he was responsible for Bardex IC production in Malaysia and finally all Foley catheter production at C.R. Bard’s Malaysia site.

Sathish has also worked at Teleflex and is starting his new position with Bactiguard in September.

Welcome to Bactiguard Sathish Subramaniam. Why are you joining a Swedish Medtech company like Bactiguard?

This is a company with a clear mission of saving lives from Health Care Acquired Infections, HAI, which is a growing problem in the world. I want to be part of a company with that mission and I am convinced I can contribute to the global development of Bactiguard.

You have a great experience from the Medtech business with companies like C.R. Bard and Teleflex. Bactiguard is a smaller company but do we face any similar challenges?

All companies that provide products have to have a well-functioning production chain, and Bactiguard is in a growing phase where I believe I can contribute with my experience and knowledge from these bigger companies.

What do you think is the strength of Bactiguard?

The strength is its technology and the leadership team. The Bactiguard Technology is unique in reducing the HAI in the world and the quality of the products is very high.

You started last week – what was on the top of your to-do-list?

Being new in the company, on top of the list is to learn as much as possible about Bactiguard as fast as possible.