What gets Bactiguard’s CEO Christian Kinch and his “Bactiguardians” out of bed every morning?

15 August 2019

Bactiguard is a Swedish medtech company with a global presence, offering prevention solutions for nosocomial infections, reducing the use of antibiotics and the spread of multi-resistant bacteria. In this article, its CEO Christian Kinch, explains how Bactiguard’s solution works to save lives and reduce healthcare costs. He also shares the company’s international journey in the strategic Indian and Chinese markets, and his plans to grow it into the next Swedish unicorn.

Christian, your background is quite unusual in the healthcare industry. After studying at the Stockholm School of Economics, you launched multiple entrepreneurial ventures in the pharmaceutical and medical technology space. What makes you so passionate about the healthcare and life sciences industry?

I became interested in medicine when, during my military service as an airborne ranger, I was trained as a medic to treat traumatic wounds and infections. Even though I did not go to medical school and instead studied finance at the Stockholm School of Economics, I never lost my interest in healthcare and medicine. I was so eager to join Roche who were offering a unique opportunity to finance professionals to learn medicine in order to add value to their offering, that I didn’t complete my degree. This one-year training was the best school I ever attended. After two years with Roche, I started my first…

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Source: PharmaBoardroom.com