World Antibiotic Awareness Week

15 November 2016

The World Antibiotic Awareness Week takes place this year on 14-20 November and aims to raise awareness and understanding of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) which is now widely considered as one of the biggest threats to human health globally. In 35 years, antimicrobial resistance is expected to kill 10 million people globally. In comparison, 8 million die annually from cancer and 1.2 million from traffic accidents.

Fighting the spread of AMR needs to be done on several fronts. The restrictive and thoughtful use of antibiotics is one part that is being addressed. Prevention of infections is another key component, as infections that do not occur simply do not need to be treated. Bactiguard contributes to decreasing AMR through active efforts in the prevention of healthcare associated infections.

It is the responsibility of hospital management and health care professionals around the world to implement routines to avoid infections in the healthcare environment, and to use antibiotics in the most restrictive way possible. But every one of us can contribute to a better future: by making wiser and more informed decisions when it comes to taking antibiotics.

Watch this video from the WHO to learn more about how you can make a difference.

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