Hydrocyn® aqua – Advanced disinfectant
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Disinfection for workplaces, public spaces and schools

Hydrocyn® aqua – the non-alcoholic alternative

Many workplaces equip their staff with Hydrocyn as part of their prevention work. Hydrocyn does not contain alcohol and is therefore well suited for, for example, companies, public spaces and schools.

  • Non-flammable – completely free from alcohol
  • Skin-friendly
  • Effectively kills bacteria, virus and fungi
  • Proven effective against new Coronavirus
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Hydrocyn is available in different packages and sizes. Please contact us and we will find the best solution for your business.

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Non-alcoholic – an important property for handling and storage

Non-alcoholic – an important property for handling and storage

Hydrocyn is not flammable as an alcohol-based disinfectant, which is an important property for handling and storage.

According to the Swedish Agency for Civil Protection and Emergency Planning (MSB), alcohol-based disinfectants are often flammable liquids with a low flash point that can be easily ignited at room temperature. For handling and storing large quantities of alcohol-based disinfectants, there are often national or local regulations that needs to be considered.

Source: https://rib.msb.se/filer/pdf/29076.pdf

Good hand hygiene without access to soap and water

Do you have employees who spend their days without access to soap and water or other fixed hygiene stations, but who have a great need to be able to ensure good hand hygiene? With a Hydrocyn in your pocket/bag/car, you always have an effective and skin-friendly disinfectant close at hand.

Hydrocyn does not smell or sting, but effectively kills virus, bacteria and fungi while being gentle to the skin. The solution is non-alcoholic, so you do not need to be afraid of getting splashes in your eyes or mouth, or that it will be flammable.

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