Clear growth strategy

We are a growth company that has a clear strategy for growing our business. This strategy involves expanding our own product portfolio and license business, while developing new products and areas of use.

Through license and distribution agreements we are today present on many markets throughout the world. The USA and China represent our largest markets. We will grow on existing markets and enter new markets.

Distribution agreements – When we sign new distribution agreements for new markets, we have to be persistent as the approval processes take a long time. In recent years we have reviewed our distribution agreements in several countries, primarily in Europe, and started new partnerships.

License agreements – We currently have five license agreements and our goal is to sign 1-2 new license agreements per year. Our technology is documented as being effective and safe and approved for longterm use in the human body, so we see the potential for new areas of applications and license business.

Product development – We are also carrying out product development to expand our BIP portfolio. We are doing this by further developing and expanding our product portfolio, and also developing new products and areas of use.


Bactiguards Growth strategy 2020

Bactiguards growth strategy – Click for a larger image