Clear growth strategy

Bactiguard is a growth company that has a clear strategy for developing its business. We will grow with our own product portfolio on existing and new markets and develop new license business, while continuing to expand our portfolio with new products.

The pandemic forced healthcare around the world to reprioritise. Regular health services were cut back and elective surgeries were postponed, which had a negative impact on our business. However, the pandemic has not reduced the need for infection prevention; rather the opposite. It has made people aware of how important it is to have effective and safe healthcare. As a result, our view of the market and our growth plans did not change during the year of the pandemic.

New markets

Our license and distribution agreements mean that we are present on many markets throughout the world. The USA and China are our largest markets. By offering a broader portfolio, we can expand our business on both current and new markets.

Following the acquisition of Vigilenz in 2020, we now have a well-established sales organisation in Malaysia that is is now selling the original Bactiguard portfolio. We have started launching Vigilenz’s effective Hydrocyn products in Europe as well. Investing in our own sales organisation for the Nordic region will help to create closer and more active customer contacts so that we can grow our business more rapidly.

We are also continuing to develop our distributor network to reach a large global market with our products.

New license business

We have several interesting license projects in the pipeline and have identified new, exciting business opportunities. Our goal is to sign 1–2 new license agreements per year. Bactiguard’s technology is documented as being effective and safe and approved for both short-term and long-term use, we see the potential for new areas of application and license agreements.

We are currently looking at orthopaedic and dental implants as well as different kinds of products for the urinary tract, the bloodstream and the respiratory tract, where we are targeting the global market.

New products

We continue to expand our product portfolio for infection prevention by developing new products and areas of use where wound care is an interesting addition.

Bactiguards Growth strategy 2020

Bactiguards growth strategy – Click for a larger image