Bactiguard ventures into the South Korean market

The Swedish medtech company Bactiguard has now entered into the market of yet another country, South Korea. On December 8th, one of the company´s most important and successful products, the BIP Foley Catheter, was approved in Korea. The BIP Foley Catheter has already been used by more than 110 million patients worldwide. The potential market in South Korea is assessed at 500,000 catheters. Sales in the South Korean market will go through Bactiguard´s partner HDX, who are also responsible for introducing the Getinge Group´s products throughout South Korea.

“South Korea, as well as China and Japan, is one of the world´s most difficult markets to enter, so I am extremely proud of our approval. This is a powerful confirmation for Bactiguard. We are now on the market in all three countries, which can lead to amazing possibilities”, says Christian Kinch, the CEO of Bactiguard.

The approval was issued by the Korean Food and Drug Administration, the KFDA, after a thorough review of the technical and clinical documentation of Bactiguard´s BIP Foley Catheter.

This past spring, Bactiguard also signed an agreement with the Chinese Pharmaceutical distributor, Jian An, for the exclusive rights to sell Bactiguard´s entire product portfolio, including urinary, intravenous and respiratory catheters throughout China.

S.J Jung, CEO, HDX together with Bactiguard´s CEO, Christian Kinch, in South Korea.

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Bactiguard provides world-leading solutions preventing hospital-acquired infections – the 4th largest cause of death in the western world. By using Bactiguard technology Governments can reduce healthcare cost, lower the use of antibiotics and save lives. The Bactiguard technology consists of an extremely thin noble metal coating, with antimicrobial and biocompatible properties that can be used on all sorts of medical devices. The Bactiguard coated urinary catheter has since 1995 been used by more than 110 million patients in the US. Today Bactiguard offers a full range portfolio within infection prevention in the urinary tract, respiratory tract and blood stream.