Intensive care

An intensive care unit (ICU) treats the most critically ill patients. The treatment period is often long and for every hospitalized day, the risk of infection caused by medical devices increases. Why risk that the most critically ill and vulnerable patients become even sicker?

Bactiguard’s infection prevention urinary catheters, central venous catheters and endotracheal tubes have a unique technology that reduces microbial adhesion. Less bacteria adhere to the surface of the products, which reduces the risk of, for example, catheter-related infections and ventilator associated pneumonia (VAP), which is a very serious respiratory tract infection.

Central venous catheter (CVC) that prevents infection

BIP CVC is a central venous catheter with Bactiguard’s infection prevention technology. Less bacteria attach to the catheter surface, which reduces the risk of catheter associated infection.

Endotracheal tube with double protection

The BIP ETT Evac is the only tube on the market that combines the subglottic secretion drainage with the ability of the Bactiguard coating to reduce microbial adhesion.

Combines surveillance and infection prevention

The BIP Foley TempSensor is an indwelling urinary catheter which combines continuous temperature monitoring with Bactiguard’s infection prevention technology.

Endotracheal tube (ETT) that prevents infection

BIP ETT is an endotracheal tube with Bactiguard’s infection prevention technology. Less bacteria attach to the tube surface, which reduces the risk of infection.